Wednesday, December 10, 2014

it's beginning to look a lot like . . . over-crafting

You thought I was going to say Christmas. Nope. Over-crafting. And thanks to the purchase of my cricut this year . . . paper crafting. Or paper crapping depending on how you look at things. But I kind of love it. I also am showcasing how good I am at procrastinating grading papers by showing off some Christmas decorations. But. BUT. To celebrate the fact that I just finished grading a lot of awesome and not awesome papers (before the onslaught of all the final papers coming in) - I'm doing a blog post. Holla! My anxious fans (i.e. my mother) will be thrilled.

I've already shown off this art installation. But it needs to be documented on the blog:

And just for the record - when my Dad saw it *live* he was kind and said how much better this actually looked in person. So you know, this picture doesn't do it justice.

Next up. An oldie but a goodie:

A junky picture. But there is something so festive about seeing all those Christmas Carols strung across the ceiling. Festive and busy looking. But I'm going with festive.

We have a three year old and a 39 year old that love this:

If Greg were taking the picture he would have made me zoom up on each individual piece and show off the intricacies. But whatever. This isn't his post. You can see, however, that Lego has quite the racquet going with its Christmas village. And we don't even have our Lego advent calendar out this year (I blame Greg's finals for that one).

Next up - something I made last year that wasn't finished in time . . . but is ready to be displayed in all it's Vegas glory this year:

Currently, we have no plans for New Year's Eve and oftentimes there is too much pressure to have a great New Year's Eve so we instead just decide to have a quiet evening with us and Ryan Seacrest. But you know - maybe having this sign up so early will get us in the mood to do something epic. EPIC!

Next a display that you can hardly see of 25 individual advent mittens I knitted BK (before kids).

My favorite thing for this year, however, besides the paper art installation, is this:

I call it my "Song of the Reindeer". I love it so much. You know what else I love? The fact that I just taped those silhouettes on over the regular pictures. If I actually put them in the frame I would never have done it. Bless you scotch tape for being invented.

And we CAVED. Totally caved. We bought a real/fake Christmas tree. We knew we were going to have to do it. I mean it's for Henry's sake. But in order to make it interesting I have the goal to ONLY put homemade ornaments on it. So far it looks pretty sparse:

Give me a few years.

And that concludes our Christmas tour this year. Over and out.


Greg said...

That lego village is DOPE! Our house is pretty festive thanks to the crafting abilities of KTC. It is pretty fun to watch Henry run from one to the other and smile. Anybody is welcome to schedule a tour of the crafts to see them in person.

Adrienne said...

I'll take you up on the tour offer, Greg. I especially like the hanging words!! We have super minimal decor. I'm basically Scrooge, or just lazy.

Alissa said...

My little Tate would just die over that Lego village! It's so cute! Also - way to go on all of it KT. I most especially love the mittens advent. My Silhouette broke this fall and I've got my eye on the Cricut.

emlizalmo said...

Good grief, you need to start a crafting publication of some sort. It looks awesome! Seriously! All of it. Can I come over and see it live?

emlizalmo said...

Oh, I just saw that we need to schedule a tour. I'll have my people call your people.

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