Thursday, October 9, 2014

me. Me. ME!

Toddcat told me that this blog has officially become a blog all about Henry - and he didn't mean that in a nice way. CRAP. Really. I'm off my game. Perhaps it's because I now find things cute that in the past would have been "huh"? For example, Henry's request to read the hit book "Scary Scary Halloween" is something I love, his love of watching Youtube videos made by someone called "The Disney Collector" or how he goes to bed making me promise that he can wake up to some Cheetos for breakfast (I promise but I usually don't have to deliver). But I digress. Forget him.

Back to me. Me. ME!

I told Greg that my one goal this pregnancy was to ONLY complain to him about how uncomfortable I was. Especially entering the dreaded third trimester. But I have failed. Not just failed but failed spectacularly. I stopped at Sodalicious for a 44 oz of pebbled ice only and they asked me how I was doing and I told the girl at the counter how uncomfortable and miserable I am. Really. She didn't want to know. But here - for the blog's sake -  I will just admit it - I do not like being pregnant. There are women that do - but I am not one of them. Don't get me wrong - I am so so so grateful for the health of this little lady but man sakes - I am in desperation mode. So desperate that I sleep outside in the screened in porch on a couch every night. Every. Night. (Periods added for emphasis). I go to bed so so so so late to try and at least make it possible so I don't wake up to go to the bathroom every hour (I'm averaging 4 hours of interrupted sleep a night maybe 5?). And don't get me going about how I went to a naturopathic doctor to help with all my other ailments.  I'm currently taking 23 pills and supplements a day. And drinking chlorophyll. It's awesome-sauce.

Anyway. I just re-read this and realized how whiny and lame-brained I sound. But I will say this - because I'm pregnant and in the third trimester (chub-mester phase) - I spend about 20 minutes longer doing my make-up and hair everyday. Hey. It's the little things. And it's all I've got. But I've got polygamist hair going on. It's time for a cut.

And my mom promises me that I will look back fondly on this time. And be glad I have some pictures in all my glowing glory. So here are some for posterity's sake.


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