Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

And a few favorites to round out the week:

My favorite selfie that is not of me . . . so does that make it just a regular pic (?):

Greg took Henry to the park one night and snapped this one. Rosscat and I have had the stomach flu on and off all week and let's put it this way - stomach flu is not pretty. Stomach flu when looking like a beached whale is even worse (if you ask me - I like to trump Greg when I can). It was a rough week. But we survived (I think) and Henry handled it like a champion. Although he is very good at pretending to throw up in the kitchen sink. I think he has seen me do that one too many times with this pregnancy and now the flu.

Our favorite book of the week:

Whoa. I apparently hit the jackpot with this one. We have read it at least twice a day for the past two weeks. And when we get to "H", which stands for "Hydraulic Excavator", watch out for some excitement. I can't say that I love this book but goodness - it's gold in Henry's hands. GOLD.

Our favorite "beds" of the week:

My sister gave me some great advice when I complained that Henry was having some HORRIBLE sleeping patterns (wanting to sleep with us all the time  - which is something I just can't handle). Henry and his nighttime wake-ups were his way of telling us that he is working on growing up and we need to help him. And besides, something had to be done. Sleeping is bad enough right now. Sleeping with a 2.5 year old that wants to attach himself to you like a barnacle in bed is no bueno. So we got tough. And we (finally) converted his crib to the toddler bed and after one rough night of locking him "in" (yes, we are tough love parents when it comes to sleep) we are back in sleep nirvana. He LOVES it. He thinks he is such a big kid and I love it because no more barnacle sleeping. And yes, he sleeps with a robot pillow and the "Jenny from the block" cabbage patch doll. And yes, that is a Nixon bobble head above his bed along with a bunch of stars wars (excuse the term) junk. We are working on minimalism. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

Oh and my favorite bed?

I have taken to sleeping solo, outside -  just about every night. My own version of "glamping." For some reason this is more comfortable for me so I'm just going for it. Whatever. Sometimes I say goodnight to Greg and remind him "I'm not mad at you - I just need to sleep alone amongst nature - with a bathroom nearby."

Favorite toy of the week:

The kitchen sink. The amount of water Henry is wasting by playing in the sink makes me cringe a little bit but at the same time - he loves upping the "water transfer project" to this new level of awesomeness. And yes, he has the binky and yes I'm fine with it. One thing at a time - right now we had to conquer the sleep business. Eventually, he'll realize that going to junior high with a binky makes him look a little ridiculous among his peers.


Greg said...

Junk? Junk?!! I think not. More like treasures.

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