Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm still adjusting back to the idea of having a living, breathing blog. But posterity is posterity - and thank you for all your kind comments about our Little Lady. Things are plugging along. A quick update - the fluid is still there but it is also not getting bigger . . . so we get to keep having lots of pictures of her and preparing for delivery - but she's healthy - despite this. In the meantime - I'm getting as big as a house. But let's not talk about that.

A few favorite things:

1) Henry LOVES LOVES LOVES the Natural Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point. The best thing is we bought a pass and so think nothing of going and hanging out there for an hour or so. It's kind of the sweetest thing. Greg is back in school so last night I found Henry, myself, and the little lady traipsing through the toddler ropes course. Let's just say I'm not as limber as I usually am - but I did it. And Anna showed up for part of the time - so it was a win. If you haven't been - go! We avoid the crowds by going after work. Last night it was a dream - no one was there.

2) I love this Halloween Advent Calendar by Pottery Barn so much that even though it was discontinued I decided to borrow my sister-in-law's to copy it and try and make it. Greg convinced me that that was the stupidest idea in the world. So instead I found one for sale on ebay and WON. WINNER! Totally worth it. Totally.

3) I have access to an awesome library here at work. Literally AWESOME. I mean where else will people just deliver requested books to you at your office? But instead of reading all the classics - Henry insists on reading this book every night this week. Machines Go To Work. It's um riveting.

4) I read the book, "A Short Guide to a Long and Healthy Life" and in it the Doctor mentioned that one thing you should do is take care of your feet. I bought this stuff - and I really, really, really, really like it. Cracked heels be gone (especially in sandal weather because hello - no one wants to see that).

5) We lost the remote to the fan in Henry's room. We have literally turned the house upside down looking for it and no luck. It's been three weeks and finally we broke down, called the fan company with the model number shelled out $40 and voila - we are back in business. And no longer does Henry have to suffer with a stuffy room in the night. Praise be. I am sure we will find the original remote tonight.

6) And finally - my $6 chatbooks are the bee's knees. Here's to many more!


wishesUT said...

We love the new museum too. It's awesome. I've had that magic foot stuff in my cart on Amazon for months now. Maybe I need to break down and buy it.

Michele said...

I think it is the coolest museum I have ever seen for kids. Who comes up with that stuff? Probably people like you....... :)

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